Tipico Releases Corporate Responsibility Report for 2020

Despite enduring a year full of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tipico has not only managed to strengthen its market leader position through sustainable corporate decisions but has simultaneously further developed its benchmarks in the field of corporate responsibility. The Corporate Responsibility Report 2020 illustrates how Tipico lives up to its commitment as a trustworthy and responsible corporate citizen, through a variety of successful initiatives and sustainable activities.

The report details a number of projects, measures, and key indicators from areas like personnel, product safety, compliance, society, environment and supply chains, which, together with a consistent corporate ethic, underline Tipico Group’s values and commitment in action. To mention an example, the company’s responsible conduct played a key role in Tipico being among the first providers to receive the newfound sports betting concession valid throughout Germany in October 2020. Other examples of the Tipico Group’s successful efforts, include its cooperation with a whistleblowing ombudsman, and its support for social projects such as the Black Forest Nature Park. Responsible action is also the premise in the Tipico Group’s approach to its conservation of energy and resources. In fact, the group reduced CO2 emissions (Scope 1) by around 33% compared to the previous year.

Further details can be found in the Corporate Responsibility Report 2020, which may be downloaded here.

Gambling regulation: Tipico adapts its offers to the new transitional regulation

Today, 15 October 2020, Tipico, the market leader for sports betting in Germany, has adapted its services to the requirements of the Joint Guidelines of the German Gambling Supervisory Authorities.

The guidelines regulate the transitional period for online gambling offers until the „Fourth State Treaty on Gambling“ enters into force. The Treaty is to officially enter into force on 01 July 2021. For the first time in Germany, there will be a uniform framework for online gambling offers.

The changes to the range of services offered will particularly affect the deactivation of so-called casino table games such as BlackJack, as well as product adjustments to live betting and online slots in compliance with the requirements of the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling.

The implementation phase for two provisions (minimum spin time and EUR 1 stake limit) runs until 15 December 2020.

Karin Klein, Chief Regulatory Officer of Tipico: “Online gambling enjoys great popularity worldwide. The transitional regulation in force since today is an important step towards clear and reliable regulation for consumers, operators and authorities. It is important that the rules are now also enforced against all market participants”.

Tipico receives license for sports betting

Tipico, the market leader for sports betting in Germany, has received a license from the Darmstadt Regional Council to operate sports betting in Germany. Joachim Baca, CEO of Tipico, said: “We are very pleased with the positive news from Darmstadt. We now have a clear set of rules”.

German gambling regulation: Tipico welcomes the transitional regulation

Tipico is the market leader for sports betting in Germany and welcomes the unanimous decision of the German states to regulate the transitional period until the new, fourth State Treaty on Gaming becomes effective on July 1, 2021. The agreement allows operators to offer online gambling services in accordance with German federal law. By 15 October, the provisions must be fulfilled, i.e. the criteria of the fourth State Treaty on Gaming which can already be implemented.

Tipico will adapt its offers to the parameters defined in the State Treaty on Gambling by 15 October 2020. These include adjustments for live betting, the deactivation of Casino games played on tables such as BlackJack and the continuation of virtual slot machine games and online poker in compliance with the provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling. The implementation period for two of the provisions i.e. minimum playing time and EUR 1 stake limit lasts until December 15, 2020.

Joachim Baca, Tipico CEO: “We look forward to the formal adoption of the GlüStV 2021 enabling a long-awaited regulated market access for private gambling operators from mid-2021 onwards.

With the agreement on the transitional regulation that will apply from mid-October, Tipico is prepared to quickly implement the new requirements. “We are in close contact with authorities to better understand and implement the technical and practical requirements” says Karin Klein, Chief Regulatory Officer. “The agreement takes account of the on-going changes in society. Online gaming is popular worldwide, and players need to feel safe and need to be able to rely on secure offers from reputable providers. The agreement thus makes an important contribution to player protection and the fight against a black gambling market.”

Tipico Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Tipico is publishing this report as people around the globe are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which brings with its uncertainties and changes for everyone. While it is still too early to describe the long-term outcomes of the crisis, something has become evident: In the framework of the pandemic a multitude of positive initiatives have been set up as well, illustrating that sustainable transformations are possible in all areas.

The same goes for Tipico: Corporate responsibility means successfully operating Tipico’s business in a sustainable manner. Therefore, Tipico is proud to present its corporate responsibility report 2019, which discloses extensive information on its efforts to be a trusted and responsible corporate citizen. The report highlights a number of projects and key indicators that demonstrate how the market leader for sports betting integrate sustainable business decisions in all its actions, delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders and communities. It increases transparency and helps all stakeholders understand Tipico’s values and commitment.

In 2019, both the trust in the Tipico brand and satisfaction with the product increased among customers. Tipico has more than 280,000 active online users on a Bundesliga match day and has been ranked the 6th most influential online gambling provider worldwide. All this is the result of its trustworthy and sustainable business practices. It is not just the result of a few people’s work, but is influenced by the actions of each and every employee in the Tipico Group as well as all external collaborative partners. Internally, Tipico’s employees bring the company values to life and support Tipico in continuously improving its performance. In 2019, Tipico therefore focused on increasing training for employees by offering an extensive leadership programme and by ensuring that employees participate in all compliance training sessions. Tipico trusts all its employees to follow the highest ethical standards and is proud that over the last year so many employees got actively involved in shaping the company through voluntary culture work streams. At the same time, external collaboration helps Tipico to reach its goals. Since 2018, Tipico has been part of the UN Global Compact, the largest sustainability initiative worldwide which enables the sports betting provider to align and take actions with the support of the United Nations. Tipico is committed to the principles of the initiative and will keep working towards its common goals.

After a successful year, Tipico is now excited to present the results: Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Tipico Welcomes Transitional Arrangement

Transitional regulation creates clarity for authorities, operators and customers even before the new State Treaty on Gaming becomes effective / Tipico prepares the implementation of the practical and technical requirements

Tipico is the market leader for sports betting in Germany and welcomes the unanimous decision of the German states to regulate the transitional period until the new, fourth State Treaty on Gaming becomes effective on July 1, 2021. The agreement allows operators to offer online gambling services in accordance with German federal law. By 15 October, the provisions must be fulfilled, i.e. the criteria of the fourth State Treaty on Gaming which can already be implemented.

The transitional regulation for online casino, adopted by the states, is an important step towards clear and reliable regulation and supervision of online casino offers in Germany. The transitional regulation will then be replaced from July 2021 by the new State Treaty on Gaming, which for the first time creates an application process for licenses for online casino operators in Germany.

With the agreement on the transitional regulation and the provisions that will apply from mid-October, preparations are now in full swing at Tipico to implement the requirements quickly. “Not all requirements are known yet. We are therefore seeking an exchange with the authorities in order to obtain clarity about the technical and practical requirements and their implementation,” says Karin Klein, Chief Regulatory Officer. “The agreement takes account of the change in customer behaviour. Online gaming enjoys great popularity worldwide. It is important for players to have access to secure offers by responsible operators. The agreement thus is an important contribution to player protection and the fight against the black market”.

In Tipico’s view, clarity has now been created: just like already with sports betting, online casino offers by private operators may be offered in Germany. To ensure the regulatory framework’s success, it is now important that regulators and operators enter into a transparent and lasting exchange.

With Tipico Into the 2020/21 Bundesliga Season

The Austrian Football Bundesliga is entering the 2020/21 season together with the sports betting provider Tipico. The application sponsorship was extended early for another year and runs at least until summer 2021. The highest division will be called “Tipico Bundesliga” in the coming season as well. The partnership between the Bundesliga and Tipico is already […]

State Treaty on Gambling: Tipico Welcomes Agreement in Principle

Tipico, market leader for sports betting in Germany, welcomes the agreement in principle of the 16 federal states to regulate the growing German gambling market. Joachim Baca, CEO of Tipico, says: “The agreement is good news. The new regulatory framework creates clarity and equal rules for all operators”. Baca adds that he is confident “that an implementation will be found in constructive dialogue with the federal states that considers all interests and can make the regulated market a successful project. The hearing initiated by the federal states offers a good opportunity to bring the expertise of the regulatory stakeholders into this process.”

More than 1,500 new trees for Malta

Maximizing our positive impact on the environment! Following this principle, the Tipico Co. Ltd. decided to plant more than 1,500 trees on the Maltese island – one for each
employee of the whole Tipico Group.

The project idea started initially on the 4th of October 2019, when around 120 employees of the company in collaboration with many local NGOs got involved in various projects around the island. For a whole working day, the employees were exempted to engage in charitable organizations of their choice. The day started in the office with some sessions of external speakers talking about topics such as possibilities how to reduce water and food waste and about biodiversity projects in Malta.

One of the groups collaborated with Ambjent Malta, planting the first charge of 600 trees in the Ta’ Qali National Park. During the last days of december 2019, a second charge of 950 trees was planted in the Mediterranean Garden in Paola. Due to the high development of the island, ecological compensation areas and parks are of great importance. As the Mediterranean Garden is a public space, residents will further benefit by the recreational area nearby.

Trees planted consist of a mix of lentisk and Mediterranean cypress (Cipress), which will create a buffer wall along perimeter of the site as the species grows thick and bushy. Besides, several Jerusalem pines (Prinjol) a Maltese indigenous tree and the most common tree on the island.

Some Judas trees (Sigra ta’ Guda) have further been planted, small indigenous trees which blooms around April and gives a violet colour to the habitat. In order to attract many birds and insects, fruit bearing olive trees (Taz-Zebbug) and the typical Mediterranean carob (Harrub) trees have been planted during this project as well.

The project is part of the Corporate Responsibility strategy of Tipico. The company is convinced that economic success goes hand in hand with responsible business practices. Tipico therefore identified fields that have the highest impact on its ESG performance. Progress on all material topics is further disclosed in a separate nonfinancial report.

Tipico submits concession agreement for sports betting until the end of January

Tipico, Germany’s leading sports betting provider, currently assembles the applicable documents for the granting of a German concession. Presupposition for the application are the authoritative terms of tender of the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, which are available since 2 January 2020.

“We welcome the German licensing procedure and the contemporary creation of reliable circumstances that comes with it”, says Joachim Baca, CEO of Tipico. “Our line of approach is clear: We submit the application to the competent authorities by the end of January at the latest.“

As the market leader for sports betting in Germany, Tipico is committed to a market-driven and consumer-oriented regulation. With regard to the ongoing negotiations of the German Minister-Presidents on the new State Treaty on Gambling, Baca said: „It is of central importance for the success of the future regulation in Germany to ensure legal certainty and consumer protection in all areas. This can only succeed if licensed offers are requested by customers – both online and offline. Practicable framework conditions must be created to prevent consumers from shifting permanently to illegal internet offers. In the interest of an effective consumer protection, it should be avoided that customers resort to illegal and unprotected online offers, just because of unattractive permitted products.“