With Tipico Into the 2020/21 Bundesliga Season

The Austrian Bundesliga is entering the 2020/21 season with Tipico. The sponsorship was extended for another year.

Who Gives it All, Deserves More.

Tipico Campaign 2020. Tipico and Jung von Matt Celebrate the Heroes Off the Pitch

State Treaty on Gambling: Tipico Welcomes Agreement in Principle

Tipico welcomes the agreement in principle of the 16 federal states.

More than 1500 new trees for Malta

Maximizing our positive impact on the environment! Following this principle, Tipico planted more than 1,500 trees in Malta.

Tipico submits concession agreement for sports betting until the end of January

Tipico, Germany's leading sports betting provider, currently assembles the applicable documents for the granting of a German concession.

Champions League: Tipico Customers More Successful Than Ever!

Never before has a matchday gone so well for Tipico customers. The Champions League match day brought them millions in winnings.

With Regard to the WDR Report: Tipico Is Not A Defendant in These Proceedings

Tipico clearly rejects the accusations of a WDR report.

Tipico Auctions Jerseys And Tickets For Charity

At the Tipico Sports Auction, signed jerseys and much more are auctioned for the good cause.

Tipico Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report

Tipico is convinced that economic success goes hand in hand with responsible business practices. That's why the company has published the first nonfinancial report.

Tipico – As Team for a Common Goal

Tipico and some non-profit organizations dedicated themselves to the good cause in Malta.