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Gambling regulation: Tipico adapts its offers to the new transitional regulation

Today, 15 October 2020, Tipico, the market leader for sports betting in Germany, has adapted its services to the requirements of the Joint Guidelines of the German Gambling Supervisory Authorities. The guidelines regulate the transitional period for online gambling offers until the „Fourth State Treaty on Gambling“ enters into force. The Treaty is to officially […]

Tipico Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Tipico is publishing this report as people around the globe are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which brings with its uncertainties and changes for everyone. While it is still too early to describe the long-term outcomes of the crisis, something has become evident: In the framework of the pandemic a multitude of positive initiatives have been […]

Tipico Welcomes Transitional Arrangement

Transitional regulation creates clarity for authorities, operators and customers even before the new State Treaty on Gaming becomes effective / Tipico prepares the implementation of the practical and technical requirements Tipico is the market leader for sports betting in Germany and welcomes the unanimous decision of the German states to regulate the transitional period until […]

With Tipico Into the 2020/21 Bundesliga Season

The Austrian Football Bundesliga is entering the 2020/21 season together with the sports betting provider Tipico. The application sponsorship was extended early for another year and runs at least until summer 2021. The highest division will be called “Tipico Bundesliga” in the coming season as well. The partnership between the Bundesliga and Tipico is already […]

Who Gives it All, Deserves More.

The legendary football stories are written with great passion and absolute commitment. Nobody else but goalkeeper titan Oliver Kahn embodies this philosophy. But not only on the pitch, but also off the pitch you can become a winner with full dedication. Germany’s leading sports betting provider Tipico celebrates this with a new campaign: football is […]

More than 1,500 new trees for Malta

Maximizing our positive impact on the environment! Following this principle, the Tipico Co. Ltd. decided to plant more than 1,500 trees on the Maltese island – one for each employee of the whole Tipico Group. The project idea started initially on the 4th of October 2019, when around 120 employees of the company in collaboration […]

Tipico submits concession agreement for sports betting until the end of January

Tipico, Germany’s leading sports betting provider, currently assembles the applicable documents for the granting of a German concession. Presupposition for the application are the authoritative terms of tender of the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, which are available since 2 January 2020. “We welcome the German licensing procedure and the contemporary creation of reliable circumstances that comes with […]