Tipico achieves excellent result in annual ESG Report ranking

Once again Tipico ranks highly in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment by S&P Global Ratings, participating for the third time. This independently conducted benchmarking of ESG disclosure ranks companies within a sector and beyond. Tipico improved compared to last year’s result: Within the gambling sector Tipico ranked 6th, one rank up from the year before, and across all industries attained a percentile rank of 93, up from 85.

We pride ourselves on our efforts to be a trustworthy and engaged corporate citizen; it’s rewarding to see these results corroborate our commitment to a sustainable business practice.

Tipico is in the top 10% of companies

Every year independent rating agency S&P Global Rating compares how well companies do in various spheres of corporate social responsibility. External experts evaluate and rank factors such as disclosure, policies and processes related to environmental, social and governance performance. Overall, Tipico Group impressively finds itself in the top ten percent of all 8000 companies examined.

Tipico was therefore once again included as a member in the ‘Sustainability Yearbook 2023’, in which S&P Global Ratings lists the best representatives of each respective industry.

Years of sustainability efforts show results

The latest ESG Report (2021) details how Tipico fulfils its responsibilities as a trustworthy and responsible corporate citizen, describing a variety of successful initiatives: e.g. Tipico Shop Agencies in Germany now draw 80% of their power supply purely from renewable energy sources, with the journey to 100% continuing.
To communicate and live our values in everyday action, we regularly collaborate with local NGOs and organise CSR Days during which our employees can choose to do hands-on work for social and environmental causes.

We strongly believe that we must be a trustworthy partner to all, customers and citizens alike. Though not required to do so, as Tipico Group is not a publicly listed company, since 2018 we publish a yearly ESG report which you can find here: ESG Reporting

Through sustainable decisions, we strengthen our position as market leader in sports betting in Germany and also justify the trust which hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts place in us every day.