This is how Tipico assumes responsibility

As a leading gambling provider, Tipico fulfils its corporate social responsibility. We always want to be number 1, not only in economic terms but also in the area of sustainable corporate governance. We therefore recognise and consider all the effects we have on our environment and integrate corporate sustainability into every decision we make. Through our sustainable corporate decisions, we do not only expand our position as the market leader in sports betting, but we also justify the trust that hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts place in us every day.

Trust begins with transparency, which is why in addition to key economic figures and aspects of corporate governance, Tipico also reports the impact our business’ activities have on society and the environment annually. This report focuses on issues pertaining to the responsible use of our product, the ecological impact of our business’ operations and our employees’ working conditions.

External benchmarking yielded strong results for Tipico

All the data is evaluated every year by the independent rating agency ‘S&P Global Ratings’, and the findings are compared with other companies’ ratings. This external benchmarking has yielded some impressive results for the Tipico Group. In comparison with 8,000 companies from over 50 different industries, the Tipico Group has achieved a result that is well above average and finds itself in the top-rated quarter of all companies examined. Tipico also occupies a leading position within the industry, leaving many well-known industry giants behind. This has been corroborated by Tipico’s inclusion in the ‘Sustainability Yearbook 2022’, in which S&P Global Ratings lists the best representatives of each respective industry.

The latest Corporate Responsibility Report (2020) details how Tipico fulfils its responsibilities as a trustworthy and responsible corporate citizen, through a variety of successful initiatives and sustainable activities. This report is available here, and further details on Tipico’s ESG performance can be found here.