VGH Kassel confirmed stop the concession process

Concession process failed

The Higher Administrative Court (VGH) of Kassel, on Friday, October 16, 2015 confirmed the judgments of the Administrative Court of Wiesbaden from 04.16.2015 and from 05.05.2015, according to which the award procedure for sports betting concessions in Germany in its current form is flawed and non-transparent. Moreover, the court characterizes the gambling college as an unconstitutional and undemocratic institution. Thus, the Hessian Administrative Court contradicts the recent decision of the Bavarian Constitutional Court.

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The far-reaching decision of the Hesse Administrative Court is final. The importance of the judicial decision is also reflected in the statement that there can be no legally binding regulation under the laws currently applicable. As a result the Revised Interstate Gambling Treaty needs to be revised.

“We very much welcome this decision, because it once again confirms our interpretation of the law. We are now at a point where a viable political solution is needed. Germany needs a regulated sports betting market. This regulation must be designed fairly and transparently. Private providers with integrity such as Tipico have a right to sustainable legal certainty. Not least in the interests of the numerous customers,” Jan Bolz, CEO of Tipico Co. Ltd, comments the decision.