Tipico Publishes Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Tipico is publishing this report as people around the globe are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic which brings with its uncertainties and changes for everyone. While it is still too early to describe the long-term outcomes of the crisis, something has become evident: In the framework of the pandemic a multitude of positive initiatives have been set up as well, illustrating that sustainable transformations are possible in all areas.

The same goes for Tipico: Corporate responsibility means successfully operating Tipico’s business in a sustainable manner. Therefore, Tipico is proud to present its corporate responsibility report 2019, which discloses extensive information on its efforts to be a trusted and responsible corporate citizen. The report highlights a number of projects and key indicators that demonstrate how the market leader for sports betting integrate sustainable business decisions in all its actions, delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders and communities. It increases transparency and helps all stakeholders understand Tipico’s values and commitment.

In 2019, both the trust in the Tipico brand and satisfaction with the product increased among customers. Tipico has more than 280,000 active online users on a Bundesliga match day and has been ranked the 6th most influential online gambling provider worldwide. All this is the result of its trustworthy and sustainable business practices. It is not just the result of a few people’s work, but is influenced by the actions of each and every employee in the Tipico Group as well as all external collaborative partners. Internally, Tipico’s employees bring the company values to life and support Tipico in continuously improving its performance. In 2019, Tipico therefore focused on increasing training for employees by offering an extensive leadership programme and by ensuring that employees participate in all compliance training sessions. Tipico trusts all its employees to follow the highest ethical standards and is proud that over the last year so many employees got actively involved in shaping the company through voluntary culture work streams. At the same time, external collaboration helps Tipico to reach its goals. Since 2018, Tipico has been part of the UN Global Compact, the largest sustainability initiative worldwide which enables the sports betting provider to align and take actions with the support of the United Nations. Tipico is committed to the principles of the initiative and will keep working towards its common goals.

After a successful year, Tipico is now excited to present the results: Corporate Responsibility Report 2019