Tipico Pay: Simple deposit, safe bet!

Betting provider throws own prepaid app on the market

Innovative, mobile, safe: The new deposit method Tipico Pay is available for all mobile internet customers of the sports betting provider in Austria as of now. The German market launch follows. With the prepaid app sports bettors can easily to up their account by smartphone. The application is available for download for Android and iOS for free. More information can be found on www.tipicopay.com.

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Tipico online customers appreciate the reliable and secure deposit methods of the sports betting provider. With the introduction of Tipico Pay easy depositing is now also possible by smartphone and thus completes the safe and mobile betting experience.

And that’s how easy Tipico Pay works: After downloading Tipico Pay the customer connects with his Tipico account and selects the amount to deposit. A “Cash to code”-payment code will appear on the display which allows the customer to balance the balance by cash payment in a cooperating sales outlet. As soon as the deposit was credited to the account the customer will receive a notification in the app.

Currently, more than 3,500 sales outlets Austria-wide offer this mobile prepaid solution and there are more every month: tobacconists and tobacco shops, gas stations, grocery stores and many other providers guarantee a nationwide service. And the Tipico Pay app leads the customer always on the shortest route to the nearest point of sale. Topping up online but still in cash was never easier, faster and more secure.

Tipico Pay uses “Cash to Code” of Funanga Inc: With “Cash to code” online credits are purchased offline with cash, debit or credit card. The merchant uses the “Cash to code”-payment code to sell the product chosen by the customer. The credit will be directly credited to the online account.

For more information about Tipico Pay, the available outlets and download and app installation kindly see www.tipicopay.com.

Sports betting friends in Germany will have to wait a bit: The launch of Tipico Pay is planned for the coming year.