Tipico new Platinum Partner of FC Bayern

Partnership contract signed for a term of four years

One day before the training start for the new season, FC Bayern Munich announces a new partner: The German football Champions and the international sports betting company Tipico have signed a contract for a term of four years. The company with Europe-wide offices will become Platinum Partner of the FC Bayern.

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, “Tipico has been very successful in European football for quite some time. For the FC Bayern a partnership with such an internationally excellently positioned company is a logical step to take”.

Jörg Wacker, Director of Internationalisation and Strategy at Bayern Munich, “Tipico has developed into an excellent brand and fits perfectly into the circle of our high-profile partners”.

Also for Tipico, the partnership closed until 2019 is of special importance, ”We are pleased to be a Platinum Partner of FC Bayern Munich”, says Jan Bolz, CEO of Tipico Co. Ltd., “Bayern Munich is a role model for every football club on the planet, and Tipico as German market leader is the ideal partner on the side of the German record Champions”.