Tipico EUROGOLF kicks off!

Follow Germany’s leading sports betting provider to Paris

A picturesque golf course somewhere in France: European goalkeeping legends Oliver Kahn, Michael Konsel and Geert De Vlieger suddenly bump into Peter Schmeichel – though not quite by chance. After a few friendly digs at the Danish European Champion of 1992 for his country’s failure to qualify for the EURO, the four Tipico brand ambassadors begin a highly entertaining sporting challenge – dominated by the upcoming football highlights in France. The clubs stay in the golf bag while Kahn, Schmeichel & Co. prefer to kick footballs on the manicured green. The target: Paris, and the final.

EUROgolf-Kampagne_Group Page_Hero

Germany’s leading sports betting provider has prepared an elaborate campaign for the European Football Championship 2016, centred on its prominent brand ambassadors. Tipico EUROGOLF kicks off on Sunday, 15 May when the first ad is broadcast in Germany.

The entertaining Footgolf competition centred on EURO 2016, with Oliver Kahn, Peter Schmeichel, Michael Konsel and Geert De Vlieger in the leading roles, will be shown in five episodes leading up to the European Championship final. The former top goalkeepers not only demonstrate great ball skills, but also show a wonderful sense of humour, self-irony and a fair share of acting talent, as in the last Tipico productions.

“During filming in South Africa, I not only personally witnessed the professionalism of our fantastic ambassadors but also the enthusiasm and passion that they invested in our brand. I am convinced that this will also be felt by the football”, declared a delighted Jan Bolz, CEO of Tipico Co. Ltd., speaking about the launch of the new Tipico campaign.

In Germany, the TV ads will be shown on channels such as Sky, Sport 1 and Sat 1 during coverage of the European Football Championship. The campaign will also appear in different entertainment and sports media in Austria, Belgium and Denmark. The ads were, therefore, produced in a both a Danish, Flemish and French version as well.

Oliver Kahn and his goalkeeping colleagues will not be the only ones to break into a sweat with Tipico EUROGOLF during the hot summer weeks of the EURO. The sports betting provider will be present at large public screening events in Germany and Austria during the Group Phase of the European Championship, to raise fan enthusiasm for the latest sports craze Footgolf. Those with a good eye for the ball on the Tipico EUROGOLF court can have their talent rewarded in 100 selected Tipico shops in Germany and Austria, where fantastic prizes are up for grabs. These include an exclusive trip to Paris with Tipico…

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