Tipico Donates 10,000 Euro to the Austrian Disabled Sports Association

Fair play, team spirit and competition were all demonstrated by the electro wheelchair football players last weekend at the Ottobock.Cup and Ottobock.Players Cup football tournament in Vienna. Tipico also represents and promotes these values. Therefore, Tipico has donated 10,000 euros to the football department of the Austrian Disabled Sports Association, but not just like that, the initiative matches to Tipico by placing bets. In co-operation with the Austrian television channel oe24 money was placed on 32 Tipico Bundesliga matches by a moderator of the channel. Tipico has rounded up the accumulated profit of the bets.

Die Übergabe des Schecks an den ÖBSV.

The check was handed over by Luisa Schuemann, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Tipico: “Our goal is to promote the sport – in addition to well-known partnerships as with the FC Bayern, local projects such as the Austrian Disabled Sports Association are of course also part of that strategy “The Disabled People’s Association offers football teams for all groups of disability: electro wheelchair football, football for blind people, football for mentally handicapped players and CP football. Speaking to Tipico, ÖBSV President Brigitte Jank was enthusiastic about the games, emphasizing the role of the ÖBSV for disabled sports: “As an association, we are the first point of contact when it comes to sports for people with disabilities that thanks to the support of Tipico and oe24 we can continue to expand. “By the way, the Knights Barmstedt from Germany have won the tournament.