Tipico creates magical FCB moments

Match Day Presenter sets magical world record at the match against Schalke 04

On Saturday, Tipico enchanted the Allianz Arena. The premiere as Match Day Presenter at the match against Schalke 04 was a great success. At half-time the sports betting provider and Bayern Munich, along with the magician Farid, cracked a world record: never before a magician has made a show in front of 75,000 people.

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Selected by a kiss cam, two fans from the South Stand assisted Farid on the holy turf of the Bayern. Quadrangular pieces of film formed a kind of gigantic memory with Tipico Logo at the center circle. One of the two participants had to move over these film pieces while Bayern’s anthem “Star of the South” was played. After a few seconds, the other fan pressed a buzzer, the music promptly stopped and the fan on the memory had to stop on the spot.

Then, Farid turned around all cards that surrounded the one on which the fan stopped. Each card depicted a current or past Bayern Munich top player. When Farid asked the fan reveal the card he was standing on it showed the picture of the former Bosnian darling of the crowd Hasan Salihamidžić, better known under his nickname Brazzo. Now the magician took off his jacked under which, much to the surprise of everyone, he wore a kit with Salihamidžić’ name on. The magical moment had its highlight but, when an on-field cameraman who was taking close-ups from the show all the time took off his cap and hoodie and revealed his identity to the crown. It was nobody else than “Brazzo” Salihamidžić himself. The crowd was ecstatic about this fantastic trick.    

Background for this unique show was the latest Tipico campaign with FC Bayern Munich under the motto “In football anything can happen. Wanna bet?” which can be seen on Sky and Sport1 since February 20. In the TV-spot young football get enchanted by their FCB heroes, rabbits stroll through the locker room and the stars of the record champion make each other disappear.

Already before the match kicked off, hundreds of fans gathered on the stadium’s esplanade to get enchanted by the Match Day Presenter’s actions. Around the stadium one could meet street magicians performing card tricks and ball jugglers who amazed the fans with their pre-match shows. Several photo boxes with supernatural powers created a magical mood before the Bundesliga-hit and provided the people with lots of beautiful memories of a special day.