Tipico at the Regional Conference Bayern: Gambling business

Christian Gruber gives a presentation on the challenges in gambling regulations from a provider’s perspective

Following the successful congress launch in Berlin, the Behörden Spiegel continues its event series on the gambling business at several regional conferences. Christian Gruber, Managing Director of Tipico Deutschland, took part in the Bavarian regional conference in Munich on Monday, June 13. The first event of its kind in Bavaria placed the focus on the regulation of gaming and the players and consumer protection. The conference featured both speakers from the state’s politics and from research such as Prof. Gerhard Bühringer, who holds the chair for addiction research at the Institute of Clinical Psychology in Dresden, or Konrad Landgraf, managing director of the Bavaria state office for gambling addiction.

Image: Gießen/www.behoerdenspiegel.de

Image: Gießen/www.behoerdenspiegel.de

Within this framework, Gruber gave a presentation on the challenges in gambling regulations from a provider’s perspective. In his speech, Christian Gruber explained the importance of one immediate regulation for all states especially in order to guarantee a responsible player protection and to effectively exclude the black market.

That same evening, the Association of German Press Officers welcomed Christian Gruber for its event of the Section Sports at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne. For six years now, Gruber acts as the section’s chairman. The theme of the evening was “Bread & Games 2.0 – Mega sporting events as a communications platform.” The event was opened by Sebastian Buggert, Head of Media Research of the Rheingold Institute, who explained the attraction of major sporting events from a psychological perspective. Thereafter, Sebastian Buggert, Henner Ziegfeld, Secretary General of the 2017 IIHF World Championship, Dr. Jan Lehmann, managing director Repucom Germany GmbH, and Marco Graf, project manager international sports marketing Audi AG, discussed the relevance of emotions at major sporting events. Emotions can be transferred over the media over long distances. In addition, the emotions in connection with sports can positively improve the image of the host city or even the host country. According to the plenary long-term economic goals can so be achieved and sustainably consolidated.

Around 80 listeners participated very actively in the subsequent open discussion before the footballing highlight of the day, the European Championship match Belgium-Italy, was viewed in the VIP rooms of the 1. FC Cologne’s home together.