Tipico at the BBL TOP FOUR in Munich

Throwing baskets for a good cause

That’s exactly what countless celebrities in the Allianz Arena’s Säbener Lounge did last Friday. The occasion was the opening banquet for the TOP FOUR, the final cup competition tournament of the German Beko Basketball League (BBL). After the championship, the trophy is the most important sport highlight of the BBL season. On the eve of the showdown but the charity campaign of the Allianz Foundation for Children took center stage.

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Throughout the evening, guests could test their basketball skills. For each successful attempt Tipico donated 10 euros for charity. In addition, a lot of betting on the TOP FOUR games was going on, which added further money in the form of stakes and winnings to the donation pot for the charity project. In this way, 2,500 euros were collected, which were handed over to the Allianz Foundation for Children. The Foundation also supports adults with physical, mental, emotional and social difficulties – people who are rarely in the public eye, nevertheless require very special support.

The approximately 350 VIP guests were welcomed by moderator Kai Pflaume and Volker Stix, CEO of FC Bayern Basketball. Pop and RnB ECHO winner Cassandra Steen entertained the guests throughout the evening. At the Sports Experts Talk lead by former second division Basketball player and now renowned TV sports pundit Frank Buschmann main topic was the chances of the FCB basketball team in the finals. At the Audi Sport Talk Marko Pešić, managing director of FC Bayern Basketball, welcomed Andreas Wolff, keeper of the German handball national team and European Champion 2016. Further seats at the discussion table were taken by Hermann Gerland, assistant coach of FC Bayern Munich, and by German Para Class 3 cyclist Denise Schindler.

Also Tipico CO. Ltd. CEO Jan Bolz couldn’t wait for the first jump ball of the TOP FOUR, “Of course, my fingers will be crossed for our partner FC Bayern Basketball knowing what an extraordinary difficult challenge lies in front of them when facing league’s leaders Bamberg in the semis. Otherwise, I just look forward to exciting games and the great atmosphere at the Audi Dome.” Jan Bolz’ crossed fingers had some effect. The FCB squad reached the final with a victory over Bamberg. This they lost to Alba Berlin by the narrow margin of 65 to 67.