Social Commitment

Trust, passion, and progress are Tipico’s company values. They reflect our social responsibility and form the basis for our commitment. Aside from protecting our consumers, to which we attribute the highest priority, our social commitment focuses on the area of our main locations in Germany and Malta.

Community Involvement: Germany 2019

Sport is our passion

Sport is our passion and it gives us great pleasure to share this passion while at the same time supporting projects we fully stand behind. This means that Tipico is not only a partner of the German football Bundesliga and FC Bayern Munich, but also that our passion shines through in our voluntary work and responsible actions within society.

That is why, beyond its sponsoring commitments, Tipico also fosters sports events and charity campaigns of its partner associations, non-profit organisations, and sports foundations. Whether auctions of unique sports paraphernalia such as jerseys or scarves, or balls signed by football stars – the earnings from these events always benefit charitable projects in the area of sports and health.

Social involvement is a matter that our employees feel very strongly about. Tipico’s team spirit is reflected by our drive to dedicate ourselves to a good cause together. That is why Tipico has organised regular internal events over the past years to collect donations for social projects. Aside from the ever-popular football tournaments, we have hosted tournaments in other sports such as tennis and participated in public running events for a good cause.

Designing progress

Tipico supports its employees in participating in regional projects. Our staff members therefore donate their time to local charitable associations and projects revolving around society and the environment.

To Tipico, progress means that every company member should be able to contribute their skills. Our projects range from ventures initiated and independently organised by employees to departmental and company events. Every department contributes their own resources and skills to achieve a common goal. For example, Tipico’s IT department auctions off used technical devices internally and donates the profits. Employees benefit from activities like these, they result in donations for local aid projects, and at the same time they raise awareness of the sustainable use of resources. Tipico thereby creates a win-win situation and an added value for everyone involved.

Community Involvement: Malta 2019

Trust as a fundamental asset

Trust means that Tipico is aware of its responsibility towards all interest groups. That we work together with select partners and endeavour to provide long-term support. This enables a continuous development process. At the same time, it means that we follow strict internal guidelines and only support projects that align with our own values and meet our sustainability standards. All the projects, organisations, and associations we support pursue charitable purposes. Additionally, the type and scope of support that we offer is regulated internally by our Ethics Code and our Corporate Responsibility Policy. Tipico aims to set a positive example with its commitment. We also highly value our social involvement because it results in benefits for everyone involved and serves as the foundation for a healthy working environment, thereby allowing for positive collaborations with all interest groups.

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