Round 4 for Tipico EUROGOLF

In the fourth part of the European Championships campaign it’s all about winning and taking part

The Tipico ambassadors’ entertaining football golf competition around the EC 2016 goes to the next round. Since June 29, the fourth part of Tipico EUROGOLF campaign is airing in German television.

Vierter EUROGOLF Spot_Group Page_Hero

With a large dose of self-irony, the European goalkeeper legends meet each other again on the golf course shortly before the final in Paris. In this part of the campaign, Tipico brand ambassadors Oliver Kahn, Michael Konsel and Geert De Vlieger agree that winning is the highest good in sports. However, the Dane Peter Schmeichel contradicts the trio and raises his voice for the Olympic spirit stating that it’s the taking part that counts. Quickly, Kahn and Schmeichel get dragged away by their memories of past triumphs and, thus, lapse back into their usual dispute as seen in previous campaigns of Tipico.

What happens next and whether the dispute finally comes to an end will be shown in the final part of the Tipico EUROGOLF campaign, which will be released after the European Championships. Stay tuned …