Our Promise

For data security, player and youth protection

To keep sports betting entertaining, customer protection enjoys the highest priority at Tipico. Our product is aimed at adult people who regard sports betting as entertainment. Playing for money is a leisure activity to be engaged in responsibly and within one’s financial possibilities. Whereas the large majority of our customers is able to deal with this product, we take our responsibility seriously to protect persons that could develop problems related to gambling.

Therefore, young people under the age of 18 do not have access to our product. They are not allowed to enter Tipico Shops and to check compliance Tipico regularly performs unannounced checks at the franchise partners’ shops. Besides our offer in Tipico Shops the use of the online sportsbook is also only for adults. During the registration of an account the age of the customer is already verified by using database-based methods of ID-verification. Furthermore, additional documents regarding proof of age (e.g. photo ID) can be demanded.

Concerning the prevention of gambling-related problems the corporate platform www.risk-in-safe-hands.com answers the most important questions about player protection and informs about offers for help. Additionally, information about the dangers of gambling addiction can be found on all online offers as well as in the Tipico Shops. Tipico offers all customers a comprehensive and approved player protection programme to set limits, which extends to a permanent blocking of the customer account. All Tipico employees with customer contact as well as all employees of the franchise partners are trained to monitor and respond to alarm signals.

Tipico’s offer is transparent and safe: online customers have access to their user account at any timewith the help of computers or mobile on smartphones. In this way, they are always up to date about their balance and open, won and lost bets.

Data transfer between customer and Tipico is based on secure and modern encryption technologies. Tipico’s eBet software is considered to be particularly secure among experts. Additionally, the customers’ sensitive data are protected by the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified by the German TÜV. It goes without saying that the same applies also for Tipico Shops: employees observe strict secrecy about data and bets.

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