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Gambling always appealed to people. The first record of sports betting has been dated to 676 BC, when the Greeks placed bets on the outcome of the Olympic Games. In the 18th century, sports betting on horse races experienced an upswing in Great Britain. With the arrival of the digital age and the popularity of “king football” latest, the classic horse racing lost its status as a number one betting event. This is where the developers of Tipico take the stage. The customer and his needs as a football and sports fan are always the focus.

Bets are entertainment products suitable for sports. The fan wants to participate in the sport emotionally, to cheer for the team and to win. At Tipico, sports fans have the opportunity to access the complete offer online or mobile via the Tipico app. Tipico offers a wide range of (live) sports betting in about 30 sports.

The principle is quite simple: The Tipico bookmakers offer odds on the basis of extensive analyzes for certain events on which customers can place their bets. If the customer’s bet is correct, the product of stake and Tipico odd is the winning. In contrast to other forms of gambling, 80 to 95 percent of the stakes in sports betting are paid out as winnings, depending on the event. For most punters, the main stimulus is to predict the outcome of the event correctly in the end.

Every day from 8am to midnight, the customer benefits from a competent support team offering help via live chat. Here you can get answers on questions about the offer quickly and straightforwardly. Thanks to the Tipico app and the mobile website of the sports betting provider, a bet can also be placed on the way to the stadium or on the road with friends. The clear structure of the offer leads the customer intuitively to the desired bet.

An important pillar of the company strategy is the Tipico franchise concept. Tipico places high demands on seriousness and professionalism when it comes to franchise partners. In Germany and Austria, partners run around 1,100 shops for sports betting. Tipico’s bet shops are meeting points for sports enthusiasts, thanks to the modern and standardised shop concept. Here, customers can experience thrilling live sport and the attractive betting program in a community, celebrate and share their enthusiasm with others.

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