Our Employees

“We are one Tipico”. Tipico’s corporate philosophy is based on this principle because only motivated, committed and innovative employees have enabled us to achieve our position as the German market leader and to be able to continue developing ourselves in the future.

With the diverse experience and qualifications of our employees and many years of industry experience of top management, we form a team that combines the passion for sport and the distinctive identification with the Tipico brand.


The special thing about the work at Tipico are the flat hierarchies. We work together in an agile network and act self-organized, self-responsible and entrepreneurial. It is essential for every single employee to take responsibility of our products. The cooperation is based on trust and cooperation. As in sports, the same applies to Tipico: we are strong as a team.


As the most important resource of the company and thus, as a key factor for success, our employees are very close to our hearts. That is why Tipico offers a unique international working environment with distinct company values, an extensive range of training courses and promotes participation in sports activities and health offers. This allows each employee to achieve personal performance and gives us a head start in the competition for the best talent.



Our Culture


Our corporate culture is shaped by our three guiding values: Trust, Progress, and Passion. Trust is reflected in our respectful interaction with each other, as well as the awareness that each team member bears responsibility to create a secure environment for our clients and that we are always a reliable partner for all our stakeholders.  Above all, we are committed towards maintaining the beauty of Sport as a symbol of human achievement and glory. We trust each other, to do the right thing in the right way – always, and in every situation.


Progress describes our constant quest for improvement. We put this endeavor into action through training and continuing education of our employees as well as constant innovation and further development of our products. To us, ‘learning’ is everything, and we are always on the lookout for an idea, a thought, or a strategy, which could simply change the game. We are constantly learning from our mistakes and we make sure to implement feedback we receive from each other and our customers. Beyond all else, is our complete and absolute love for Sport. We are fans of its great movements, its crackling atmosphere of thrill and competition, its remarkable highs and disappointing lows, and its many icons.


We are moved by its ability to unite the world, offering relentless engagement, and an unbreakable desire for victory. Because of our passion for sports, we enjoy what we do. The passion connects us, makes us a team and guides us in our decisions.



Diversity and inclusion are important foundation for our organizational culture.

We believe a free, fair, non-prejudiced and ethnically-vibrant employee base helps bring together many voices, multiple talent pools, and a plethora of capabilities – creating the roadmap for success and growth.


In fact, this is the true marker for our progress and ascension as a socially-conscious organization. Our cross-functional and international teams combine the finest minds and brightest workers from around 40 different nationalities, each carrying their unique and differentiated approach. This makes us reach beyond being a mere enterprise, transforming us into a thriving community and a leader in our segment.


Knowledge, qualifications and commitment of the employees is a decisive competitive factor. In order to continue to be so successful, Tipico relies on personnel development that combines proven and innovative training concepts. We invest in the training, educational, and other developmental needs of our employees, in addition to supporting active participation in sports clubs/groups, with an enterprise-wide movement for health, wellness, and work-life balance. Tipico gives importance to the mindset where people own their learning and development journey at the company. It is encourage for everyone to be proactive in looking for these opportunities through informal cross-departmental and cross-location exchange of knowledge and relationship building.


The focus varies depending on the relevance for the respective departments. In addition to Group-wide mandatory further education in topics such as money laundering prevention and consumer protection, internal introductions to a wide variety of corporate areas provide our employees with a holistic view, improve collaboration in agile networks and promote knowledge transfer. Furthermore, Tipico aspires to offer all employees the same changes in development by aiming to implement the best practices in all the offices.


Tipico not only invests in the education and training of its employees, but also promotes active membership in sports clubs and offers a company-specific health concept. The site-specific offerings include employee benefits such as health days and private health care, free bicycles for staff, fresh fruit at work, reimbursement for outside sports and corporate sports events. Thus, each employee can reconcile personal and corporate goals


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