Now also in Austria: Kickoff for Tippn

Tipico takes app for mobile betting fun now to the Alpine republic

The colleague not interested in football wins every prediction competition in the office, the dear neighbour brags around with the memorized Premier League line-ups and the best pal knows everything beforehand anyways. With the Tippn app the mobile contest of football skills can now begin in Austria also. Simply download Tippn from the App Store and bet on the favourite. Tippn takes emotions from the stadium directly into your own four walls. Who will win? Which team is better? Pure thrill – Wanna bet?


Tippn is refreshingly straightforward, intuitive to use and also a visual highlight. The app opens up a new space for football betting, where the fun clearly comes first. Here, the successful and safe betting offer of Tipico is presented in an unprecedented form.

Tippn design is simple. By swiping the winning teams into the betting circle the stake can be set and you are ready for the start of the match. Bets are offered on the highlight of all international football leagues, competitions, teams and matches. Quickly and using small stakes – because the fun is in the foreground! In order to make the experience even more exciting an attractive bonus programme is included.

Tippn ist in Zusammenarbeit zwischen Tipico und dem Berliner Start-up Couchsport entstanden und steht ab sofort im österreichischen Apple App-Store zum Download bereit. In Deutschland gibt es die App bereits seit Mai 2015. Tippn schaffte es dort direkt in die Top 10 des App Store-Ranking. Wenn große Fußballspiele anstehen, ist Tippn regelmäßig auf Platz eins unter den beliebtesten Sport-Apps.

Tap was created in collaboration between Tipico and the Berlin-based start-up Couchsport and is available in the Austrian Apple App-Store for download as of now. In Germany, the app is available since May 2015. There, Tippn made it directly into the Top 10 of the App Store ranking. If big football games are due, Tippn is regularly ranked on the top of the most popular sports apps.

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