More than 1,500 new trees for Malta

Maximizing our positive impact on the environment! Following this principle, the Tipico Co. Ltd. decided to plant more than 1,500 trees on the Maltese island – one for each
employee of the whole Tipico Group.

The project idea started initially on the 4th of October 2019, when around 120 employees of the company in collaboration with many local NGOs got involved in various projects around the island. For a whole working day, the employees were exempted to engage in charitable organizations of their choice. The day started in the office with some sessions of external speakers talking about topics such as possibilities how to reduce water and food waste and about biodiversity projects in Malta.

One of the groups collaborated with Ambjent Malta, planting the first charge of 600 trees in the Ta’ Qali National Park. During the last days of december 2019, a second charge of 950 trees was planted in the Mediterranean Garden in Paola. Due to the high development of the island, ecological compensation areas and parks are of great importance. As the Mediterranean Garden is a public space, residents will further benefit by the recreational area nearby.

Trees planted consist of a mix of lentisk and Mediterranean cypress (Cipress), which will create a buffer wall along perimeter of the site as the species grows thick and bushy. Besides, several Jerusalem pines (Prinjol) a Maltese indigenous tree and the most common tree on the island.

Some Judas trees (Sigra ta’ Guda) have further been planted, small indigenous trees which blooms around April and gives a violet colour to the habitat. In order to attract many birds and insects, fruit bearing olive trees (Taz-Zebbug) and the typical Mediterranean carob (Harrub) trees have been planted during this project as well.

The project is part of the Corporate Responsibility strategy of Tipico. The company is convinced that economic success goes hand in hand with responsible business practices. Tipico therefore identified fields that have the highest impact on its ESG performance. Progress on all material topics is further disclosed in a separate nonfinancial report.