Leonidas sport gala

Tipico honours Salzburg‘s “Coach of the Year 2016”

Honouring Salzburg’s athletes and coaches for their achievements was at the Leonidas sports gala agenda on April 7. The gala was presented by daily newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten. The ceremony was held for the ninth time under the name of Leonidas. Also Tipico Sportwetten was part of the Leonidas sports gala and had the honour to hand over the award to Salzburg’s “Coach of the Year 2016”.

Quelle: SN/Marco Riebler

Quelle: SN/Marco Riebler

In an impressive award ceremony the best coaches of the Salzburg province were awarded by Tipico. Here “Mister Karate” Manfred Eppenschwandtner finished third, while Dan Ratushny, head coach of the incumbent, Austrian ice hockey champions EC Red Bull Salzburg, came in second. The title “Salzburg Coach of the Year 2016” went to Max Ausserleitner, coach of AC Wals. He led the Austrian team wrestling record-champion to its 50th title – an outstanding achievement that deservedly won the sought-after Golden Lion out of the hands of Tipico Germany managing director Christian Gruber.

In addition to honouring the “Coach of the Year 2016” Tipico auctioned a football signed by the entire quad of Tipico Bundesliga club FC Red Bull Salzburg. The evening auction brought 1,000 euros for a good cause. Together with the stakes and winnings of a charity betting completion on ten weekend matches during the gala, Tipico collected a total of 4,000 euros. The money was handed over to the wheelchair basketball players of RSV Salzburg.