Leipzig is One

With the slogan “We are One” RB Leipzig celebrated promotion to the Bundesliga together with 15,000 fans

After more than 20 years, the birthplace of the German Football Association DFB is back in the top league. RB Leipzig has achieved their ambitious goal and plays in the Bundesliga in the upcoming season. The historical success of the still young club was celebrated on Whit Monday with 15,000 fans in the center of Leipzig under the slogan “We are One”.

RB Leipzig Aufstiegsfeier_Group Page_Hero

Hard work and trust in a young, hungry team have paid off for the responsible persons of RB. The team is expected to cause quite some stir in the Bundesliga’s coming season. Quite a few experts see in the Saxons already a possible competitor for the FC Bayern Munich. But first, in the here and now, the promotion was extensively celebrated. Tipico Sportwetten was in the middle of the action to congratulate his partner club and all RB-fans.

On Whit Monday 15,000 fans gathered at the Leipzig Market Square to welcome their team. When RBL announcer Tim Thoelke asked all players on the stage in front of the town hall the excitement among the fans had no limits. One could see the emotions in the faces of the young promotion heroes. Burkhard Jung, Leipzig’s mayor, carried through on his promise of 2014 and invited the team to the historic town hall, where 23 years earlier the city celebrated also the VfB Leipzig’s promotion to the top league.

Also the framework programme offered some highlights: On stage the East-rockers The Puhdys and their colleagues of City, Karat, Silly and the German band Glasperlenspiel rocked the crowed. TV station MDR aired the celebrations live and afterwards screened their one hour documentary about the glamorous success story of RB Leipzig.

Neben den musikalischen Einlagen sorgte die Tanzgruppe Flying Steps für losgelöste Stimmung. Der krönende Abschluss der offiziellen Veranstaltung war die Uraufführung der neuen RB-Hymne „Du bist mein Verein“, die Sebastian Krumbiegel von den Prinzen gemeinsam mit dem Gewandhaus-Kinderchor zum Besten gab. Damit das flotte Stück zum neuen Hit im Leipziger Stadion wird, dürfte vor allem das erfolgshungrige RB-Team mit Anpfiff der neuen Bundesliga-Saison wieder ordentlich Tempo auf dem Rasen machen.

In addition to the musical interludes, the dance group Flying Steps lifted the crowd’s mood. Highlight of the official event was the premiere of the new RB-anthem “You are my club” performed by Sebastian Krumbiegel from the german acapella band Die Prinzen together with the Gewandhaus Children’s Choir. To turn the opus into an instant hit the RB team, hungry for success, wants to play tempo football right from the start of the upcoming Bundesliga season.