Kick-off for Stake it

Tipico launches second Couchsport betting app

Stake it is the new sports betting app from Couchsport and is now available in the Apple App Store for download. Following Tippn, Stake it is already the second betting app developed by the Berlin based start-up in collaboration with Tipico. Both applications particularly stand out by their simple and intuitive handling.

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Via a “Wheel of Fortune” the user selects stake, winning amount and the number of games just to his likening. Stake it then provides the best betting combinations and types. It’s up on the user then to decide in which teams he places his trust for the bet.

Already in May 2015, Couchsport and Tipico developed the sports betting app Tippn providing the idea of “Casual Betting” with an appropriate mobile platform. Tippn made it into the top 10 of the App Store ranking straight away. Whenever big football matches are due, Tippn regularly takes the top position among the most popular sports apps.