German Sports Betting Association founded

Berlin, 24.09.2014

Association of leading sports betting providers

Leading European sports betting providers have founded the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) in Berlin. The most important issue for the DSWV is a legally stable sports betting regulation for Germany. Furthermore, the DSWV aims to act against game manipulation, gambling addiction and black markets. The DSWV sees itself as a central contact partner for the public, especially for stakeholders from the areas of politics, sports and media.

DSWV declares war on manipulation, gambling addiction and black markets
DSWV declares war on manipulation, gambling addiction and black markets

Clear rules for state-run and private competitors demanded

Peter Ramsauer (CSU), chairman of the Committee on Economics and Energy Affairs in the German Bundestag, welcomes the founding of the DSWV, “This association is an enrichment and a strong ally in the war against illegal gambling and addiction.“ Professor Martin Nolte, Head of the Institute for Sports Law of the German College of Physical Education Cologne, adds, “The DSWV represents the positions of sports betting organisers and agents in Germany. It ensures transparency, information, and surely improvement of the sports betting market regulation“.

During the founding ceremony at the Federal Press Conference Centre, DSWV president Mathias Dahms criticised the current legal uncertainty, “The current situation is untenable. Our goal is to remove the legal uncertainty and to ensure safe betting, both for consumers and providers“. FDP-vice president Wolfgang Kubicki supports Dahms, “The pressure must be increased or everything will remain the same. The more support we get from the industry, the better“.

Renouncing of the state’s betting monopoly

Background of the founding of the association is the opening of the German sports betting market for private providers. While in most EU states private providers were granted sports betting licenses already, attempts to do the same in Germany failed. Not only providers and consumers will suffer due to this failure, but also German sports in general, missing out on substantial sponsorships and advertising income.

All the eleven founding members, including Tipico, own sports betting licenses in Schleswig-Holstein and/or are in the final round of the nationwide sports betting licensing process. All DSWV members pay corporation and additionally sports betting taxes. This year (up to and including August 2014) the minister of finance received 150 million Euro from betting taxes alone.

For further information kindly visit the German Sports Betting Association’s website