German Online Casino Association (DOCV) founded

Tipico is one of eight founding members of the DOCV, which promotes modern rules for gambling on the Internet

The German Online Casino Association (DOCV) has been introduced to a wider public at the annual Excellence in Gaming (EiG) industry fair in Berlin. Leading companies from the online casino market founded the association in Kiel on July 25. The DOCV represents licensed providers and developers, who are promoting a legal framework for reliable offers in which the market forces can have a controlling effect. The rules must be able to keep pace with the development of the Internet and must be based on the actual behavior of the players to effectively control all online casino offers. The question is not “whether” there should be a regulation, but “how”.

German Online Casino Association (DOCV) promotes modern rules for gambling on the internet. Tipico is one of eight founding members.

Develop solutions together

In a dialogue with politics, society and the media, the association will work out proposals for a modern gambling regulation and will also focus on digital solutions for player protection. The focus of the association’s work will be placed on the digital development in Germany and clarifying information on the topics of online casinos in general, market channelisation as well as the protection of players and minors.

Dr. Dirk Quermann, President of the German Online Casino Association, “The current legal uncertainty in the market is equally unsatisfactory for policy makers, consumers and providers. The existing regulation in the State Treaty on Gaming favors only the black market and disadvantages the reputable providers. Consumers are the ones that suffers mainly under these circumstances. That is why our aim, in cooperation with political decision makers, is to define clear and transparent rules for fair competition and effective consumers’ protection in the digital age.”

Acknowledging the realities of the digital market

From the DOCV’s point of view, a fundamental amendment of the State Treaty on Gaming (GlüStV) is inevitable under the norms of the European Treaties and the jurisprudence by highest judicial authority, the ECJ. The current GlüStV is legally holed and the federal states cannot enforce essential rules. The result is a legal vacuum by which a growing black market is profiting.

market and the licensing of online casino providers according to qualitative criteria. The association stands for a strict separation between reputable suppliers with reliable protection standards and an uncontrolled black market. Consumer protection on the internet can only be achieved, if players can be taken out of the black market and redirected towards the reputable offers and providers. All member companies are willing to participate in the drafting of a viable regulation in Germany and to submit to licensing conditions in Germany.

“The market for casino games on the internet exists. This development of digitisation can neither be negated nor reversed. If legislators want to protect consumers on the net, they must also acknowledge the realities of the digital and interconnected world and direct the market onto orderly tracks, “said Dr. Dirk Quermann. “Only serious providers guarantee the appropriate protection and prevention measures and the responsible handling of their offers.”

Licensed and reliable

The founding members of the German Online Casino Association are, edict egaming, Mr. Green, OnlineCasino Deutschland, Prima Networks, Red Rhino, Tipico and William Hill. All eight association members hold valid gaming licenses and licenses in Germany or Europe and pay the corresponding taxes. They have undergone a strict regulatory approval in the respective urisdictions and are complying with all license requirements and player protection regulations.

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