German Cup Competition: Which Outsider has the Biggest Chance?

Does the cup still have its own laws? In next week’s first round, many underdogs will try to achieve a big sensation. Which outsider has the greatest chance of surviving the first round?

Last season, the cup went to Borussia Dortmund. Can outsider 1.FC Rielasingen surprise the title-defender? Photo: GEPA


Surprise victory for Würzburger Kickers?

Last season, the Würzburger Kickers had to take a bitter descent into the 3rd league but now the Kickers are dreaming of the cup surprise against Bundesliga club Werder Bremen. Tipico bookmakers believe that the underdog from Bavaria has quite the chance for advancing into the second round: the odds for the win – whether after 90 minutes, overtime or penalty shootout – is 3,6 and thus corresponds to a probability of almost 28 percent.

Karlsruher SC is also a potentially successful outsider. The odds for advancing against Bayer 04 Leverkusen are at 4,3. If you think that the KSC is going to seal the deal in the regular playtime, you can expect a payout of 70 euros from a 10 euro stake.

Special Bets at Tipico

The Tipico special bets for the DFB Cup have a lot to offer as well. Here, you can bet on all teams from one league together. So, if you believe in the power of the underdogs, get excited about huge odds: the odds that all eight teams from the 3rd league make it to the second round is 1,000, for the eleven regionalists even 5,000!

Whoever relies on the advancement of the 18 Bundesliga teams instead can turn their bet into a payout more than six-times higher than the stakes, should all teams reach the second round (odds: 6,5).

Bundesliga vs. Association League

Tipico bookmakers see the least chances for a victory with Sportfreunde Dorfmerkingen. The club from Baden-Württemberg is expecting RB Leipzig on Sunday. If you still want to bet on a sensational Dorfmerkinger victory in the regular game time, you can turn 5 euros into 250 euros (odds: 50,0).

With the 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen, another association-league team will meet a first-class club. The team from the federation league Southbaden (6th division) has hit the jackpot and will play against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday. The odds for a win against the title defender are 30,0.


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