DSWV welcomes MPK decisions

Prime Ministers agree on lifting numerical limit for sports betting licenses

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) welcomes the agreement of the Prime Ministers to introduce a licensing procedure for sports betting providers based on qualitative parameters only. At today’s Prime Ministers  conference (MPK) in Warnemünde, the heads of government have sketched the cornerstones of a reformed gambling and sports betting policy in Germany.

Der Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV) begrüßt die Verständigung der Ministerpräsidenten auf die Einführung eines qualitativen Erlaubnisverfahrens für Sportwettenanbieter.

DSWV President Mathias Dahms explains, “The agreement of the Prime Ministers makes us hope. For years now, the serious sports betting providers have emphasised that a numerical limitation of licenses is unconstitutional and contradictory to European law. With the introduction of a genuine system of authorization, legal certainty can finally be established”.

Dahms is optimistic that the Prime Ministers are quick to follow their words, “The declarations of intent must now be implemented with determination. For this, a new State Treaty on Gambling with a new system is needed: the sports betting monopoly in violation with European law is not only to be suspended temporarily, but must be completely abolished”.

The DSWV will continue to contribute constructively to the discussion on a reformed sports betting regulation and hopes to have an open discussion process with politicians and authorities, which leads to a treaty within the framework of European law.

As a result of the upcoming amendment of the state treaty, the tolerance procedures for sports betting providers planned by some countries are likely to be superfluous. Due to tolerances differing from one country to another, a maze without a legal basis would be established, which is unacceptable to consumers and providers alike. Mathias Dahms adds, “It is a good thing that we are now heading for a nation-wide path as a consequence of the Prime Ministers’ consent”.