Diversity Day: Tipico Becomes Member of the Charta of Diversity

With more than 40 different nationalities represented, different cultures, abilities and experiences, diversity plays an important role in Tipico’s corporate culture.  The leading sports betting company in Germany joined the Diversity Charter on 5 June 2018, just in time for Diversity Day.

Tipico currently employs more than 600 people from 40 countries. The diversity that results from differences offers us a tremendous opportunity. Each employee has his or her own talents and abilities to help Tipico succeed.

Just in time for Diversity Day 2018, Tipico sets an example of diversity in the company by signing the Diversity Charter. The sports betting provider sets a good example for the branch. Within the company, the individuality of the employees is highly valued and invest profitably. This takes effort for example in the IT- and software sector of Tipico where people are working in agile teams and networks. Each team is made up of individual experts who use their skills in each area of ​​expertise to achieve a common goal as a unit. The success proves the company right, because Tipico is market leader in the field of sports betting in Germany.

The Diversity Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the auspice of Dr. Angela Merkel. The charter aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the work life in Germany. It was launched in December 2006. 2,800 companies and institutions with more than 9.4 million employees have already signed the Diversity Charter – Tipico is one of the first companies in the gaming industry to do so.