Bundesliga6: 150,000€ Guaranteed Payout until the 6th Matchday


  • Bundesliga6 jackpot of 150,000 Euro guaranteed to be paid out to the best player till the 6th Bundesliga matchday
  • Win without risk: bet every Bundesliga match da
  • y for free and win up to 150,000 Euro
  • Prediction duel against Oliver Kahn or against other players in your own prediction league

150,000 Euro are guaranteed to go to a Bundesliga6 player till the 6th Bundesliga match day. For the first time since the start of Bundesliga6 in the second half of last season, the jackpot is guaranteed to be paid out to a player till the 6th matchday. If the jackpot is not won by the 6th matchday, the player with the highest number of points wins. This is regardless of whether the best player has correctly predicted all six results.

TV spot with Oliver Kahn at the ATM

The guaranteed jackpot payout of 150,000 Euro is being promoted by Tipico in addition to digital advertising placement in the sports and football environment and its own social media presence, including two creative TV spots. These show how brand ambassador Oliver Kahn withdraws the prize for the best player of the 6th matchday from an ATM. The spot will be broadcast on various German TV stations. The clip is available on the Bundesliga6 Channel on YouTube.

Also this Season: Win 3,000 Euro per Matchday and the Chance to Win the Jackpot

The participants compete against Tipico brand ambassador Oliver Kahn in Bundesliga6 and guess the results of six Bundesliga matches. Points are awarded for the exact result (7 points) and the correct tendency (3 points). On each match day, 3,000 Euro are distributed to the best player in the round. The player who has collected the most points at the end of a month can be happy about 5.000 Euro. And the player who has scored the most points after the 34th matchday will receive 10,000 Euro. The winners will also receive additional prizes, including free bets on Tipico and tickets for FC Bayern Munich matches.

Smart Combination with Tipico’s Sports Betting Offer

With Bundesliga6, Tipico offers a wide variety of cross-selling opportunities, as the players’ bets can be converted into a real sports betting slip with just one click. Accordingly, Bundesliga6 is only aimed at fans over the age of 18. The free App iOS terminals are available. Here you can bet for free.

Note: The jackpot of 150,000 Euro is paid out on the condition that no one has won the jackpot on the previous matchdays.