Alex King & Co: Big visit at the Tipico box

FC Bayern Munich Basketball stars see their kicking club colleagues’ Champions League opener

FC Bayern Munich welcomed the southern Russian Champions League rookies of FK Rostov to the opening game of the elite class. On that occasion, Tipico invited the basketball players of Bayern Munich into their box at the Allianz Arena.

Returned son Alex King in a Tipico interview during the visit of the FC Bayern Munich Basketball team in the Tipico box at the Allianz Arena for their kicking club colleagues’ Champions League opener.

Interview with Alex King (2nd f.t.r.) during the visit of the FC Bayern Munich Basketball team in the Tipico box at the Allianz Arena for their kicking club colleagues’ Champions League opener vs FK Rostov.

For the basketball player, who only start into the new season on September 30, 7pm at home against Würzburg, the visit to the Tipico box was a welcome distraction from the intensive pre-season training. Atmosphere in the box was great after the convincing 5:0-win of the club colleagues.

In a match break, we took the opportunity for a brief conversation with Alex King, the new addition giving his comeback for the Munich side. At the end of last season, Alex King moved from Alba Berlin to Munich, the club he already played for in the youth teams.

Tipico: Alex, you are back playing for the club you for which started your basketball career in the youth team. Is there something you are particularly looking forward to on your return to Munich?

Alex King: Naturally, I looked forward to see family and friends more often than only for a short time during the summer. Furthermore, Munich is a great city and I am looking forward to playing in the club again, where in 2000 it all started. I’m excited and full of anticipation of the cooperation and my future at FC Bayern Basketball.

Tipico: You were recently together with the team in training camp. How did you feel the atmosphere in the team in this workout intense time and do you have the feeling to be already arrived fully in the team?

Alex King: Of course, it takes a little more time until I acclimated myself completely, but I have the advantage that I already know a lot of my current teammates. Be it by already have played with or against them. Of course, that makes it easier for me to blend into the team and, consequently, to develop processes in the game. I am very optimistic that we can continually improve this over the next few weeks.

Tipico: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

Alex King: I really want to reach the level I played on in the first two years at Alba Berlin. In my new team here in Munich every single player can play both a good role and good games. In the end it is important that we win as often as possible.

Tipico: Today, we are watching football in the Tipico box in the Allianz Arena. Do you watch the matches of the footballers of Bayern Munich regularly?

Alex King: When I get the chance I really enjoy watching the matches. However, its rather difficult for me to watch many live matches due to the similar starting times of basketball and football matches on Saturday. In such cases I watch the match summaries on TV in the evening.

Tipico: Thanks for the interview!