Our Demands

A partner of integrity for sport and associations

The sponsorship cooperation with the German top flight club FC Bayern Munich  is more than sole advertising agreements. Tipico also has a strong influence on several topics, for example in the development of the clubs’ digital business models. Tipico is also appreciated internationally as a reliable partner: as a sponsor of the Austrian Tipico Bundesliga.

For the clean sport

The appeal of sport at the same time is the core of the business model sports betting: Nobody should know a match’s final result before it starts. In public debates on betting-related match-fixing incidents it is often ignored that sports betting providers are indeed victims of such fraudulent operations since they have to pay out the criminals’ profits. The protection of the integrity in sport is therefore a common interest of sport and providers and, therefore, should be guaranteed through mutual information, education and support. Tipico advocates legal initiatives for the criminal sanctioning of gambling-related match-fixing.

Tipico supports the FIFA’s Early Warning System (EWS) and provides associations and organisers as soon as the company registers unusual betting patterns and movements. A specially dedicated department painstakingly follows any indications of potential criminal activities. This is based on close cooperation with the relevant authorities and organisations. At an international level, Tipico is active in the Austrian Play Fair Code, the association for the protection of integrity in sport.

For fair and market-compliant regulations

As a sports betting provider of integrity, Tipico also welcomes clear legal regulations in the interests of consumers. Tipico Co. Ltd. holds licenses for the operation of sports betting and online casino games granted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In Germany, Tipico has been one of the first providers that has received a concession from the state of Schleswig-Holstein in May 2012. Tipico is actively committed to ensuring that these licenses, which are subject to strict conditions, are issued in the other federal states as well as in other EU countries.

Tipico is a member of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), which was founded in 2014 by the leading German and European betting companies. Prime aim is to constructively promote a further development of the German sports betting regulation, which also includes the aspects of the protection of players and the youth as well as the prevention of addiction.

In Austria, Tipico is also committed to a market-compliant regulation of betting and gambling: Tipico is a member of the Austrian Bookmakers Association (OBMV).

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